Re: NANFA-L-- Rampant Cottony Fungi
Thu, 1 Dec 2005 12:23:49 EST

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<< What more can i do?
and once a fish gets this growth of cotton fungi can it be saved?

The stress of moving inside and overcrowding has reduced their autoimmune
system to the point where anything will infect them. It is possible to treat the
fungus, but it won't do any good until you eliminate the stress. You need-in-
least twice as much space or much more, if I interpret your numbers correctly.
When I bring in fish from my pond, I spread them out as much as possible, but
still sometimes lose a few. If they are moved from a 500 gallon pond to a 55
gallon tank, that is the problem right there. Killing the fungus is possible
and necessary with any of the commercial fungicides, but won't remove the
underlying cause. Get the unaffected fish (so far) out of there and into less
crowded conditions.

Lee Harper
Media, PA
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