Re: NANFA-L-- Rampant Cottony Fungi
Thu, 1 Dec 2005 12:26:51 EST

thanks for the advice guys...

dave... in regards to your comment
"Better tank health and prevention of injuries to the mucous coat are the
only preventions." maybe i should add a full dose of stresscoat to the tank?
this tank has generally always been healthy til now tho.

geoff... if i check my medicine cabinet for old anitbiotic medications
should i be able to read those words on the label as the active ingrediant?
cephalexin (kelfex) and or amoxicillin?
i will check tonight.
i wonder how much salt my tank can take before it is detrimental to the
plants? killing my plants would certainly make things worse. i consider them
living filters.

jim... the flag fish are not pestering the other fish. certainly one of the
coolest looking fish in the tank. 2 well colored males and 3 drabish females.
i do have a water beetle in there... i have not had problem w/ them in the
past as tankmates but thinking perhaps maybe he could be nipping the fish. the
fish that seem to be getting the fungi the most are top dwellers and those
hiding in the vegetation, where the bettle also stays. in the past i had a
bettle live for 3 years in this tank. a cool active addition, it was content w/
as for water changes i DO NOT DO THEM except for about every 3 months i will
siphon out half the tank w/ the mulm and spray in new water over a period of
an hour. never any problems from that routine except often a burst of algae
growth after i add the new water. ? my tap water must have minerals or
something that promotes this algae burst.

i think i just have too many fish. though i do have lots of living
filtration, compact flos and a canister filter i have probably pushed beyond the
limit. a timer w/ an airstone-in-night might drive off any co2 buildup if that is
a problem. i did notice before removing the surplus plants a lot of fish
mouthing near the surface.

the water is warm w/ the compact flos above but it seems like ive been told
that a medical isolation tank can be used to treat cotton fungus w/ the
addition of salt and a heater to drive up the temp to promote healing. i dont use
heaters... lights already seem to run my tanks to high in temps... especially
for my tennessee fish.

im gonna look for family meds in the cabinet tonight and add a full dose of
salt... i dont know how much i can get away with. ?

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