Re: NANFA-L-- Speckled Dace - Where Oh Where

Christopher Scharpf (
Fri, 24 Feb 2006 14:17:00 -0400

> It's much worse than that here in California. I just got back from
> touring a pretty sophisticated operation to house some speckled dace,
> Santa Ana suckers, and Arroyo Chub (
> It took them 18 months to get a permit and they're still not allowed to
> *allow* the fish to reproduce.


That's an interesting operation. Thanks for sharing it with us.

You say the fish aren't allowed to spawn, but the RCRCD site says that it
has "the fortunate opportunity to rear and study" the Santa Ana sucker, and
that speckled dace and Arroyo chub "have produced hundreds of offspring over
the past two years." Sounds to me like the fish there are breeding (whether
they're supposed to or not!).

> I have signed up to volunteer with them during the Spring fish collection (but
> private individuals aren't even allowed to physically participate in capturing
> the fish - I hate California), and to provide any help I can around the
> facility.

I think that's great! Good for you! Keep gently pushing and insinuating
yourself. Your help will make a difference even if you're not allowed to
handle the fish. Maybe what the bureaucrats need to learn is that there are
responsible private individuals who care and are willing to help. There will
always be red tape, but maybe you can find some ways through it.

Keep us posted on what you do and learn!

Chris Scharpf
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