Re: NANFA-L-- Speckled Dace - Where Oh Where

Jerry Baker (
Fri, 24 Feb 2006 12:27:17 -0800

Christopher Scharpf wrote:
> You say the fish aren't allowed to spawn, but the RCRCD site says that it
> has "the fortunate opportunity to rear and study" the Santa Ana sucker, and
> that speckled dace and Arroyo chub "have produced hundreds of offspring over
> the past two years." Sounds to me like the fish there are breeding (whether
> they're supposed to or not!).

The suckers are not supposed to, but the other fish are not federally
listed and so there's no federal interference.

> I think that's great! Good for you! Keep gently pushing and insinuating
> yourself. Your help will make a difference even if you're not allowed to
> handle the fish. Maybe what the bureaucrats need to learn is that there are
> responsible private individuals who care and are willing to help. There will
> always be red tape, but maybe you can find some ways through it.

I hope so. I really want to see what can be learned about these fish,
but even the operation-in-RCRCD do not have any formal data gathering
procedures as far as I can tell. I would love to get them into a tank
and photograph them and their habits. Patience I suppose.

I have tried several times to contact the responsible fisheries
biologist for California Fish & Game to see if there are any data that
would be helpful to collect. I live very close to one of the best
locations for all four species of these threatened fish and I have water
measuring equipment-in-my disposal. Of course, they won't return
telephone calls-in-all. I hate just being marginalized when there is so
much work that needs to be done.
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