Re: NANFA-L-- Pigeon Mtn dace/chub hybrid

J. C. (
Thu, 21 Jul 2005 12:37:24 -0700 (PDT)

I have made hybreds in aquariums Mostly guppies crossed to other livebearers. All these hybreds were sterile. But platies and swordtail are close enough related to cross and get fertile offspring. It just happens that the swordtails body shape and fin extention are dominate. So every platy/swordtail hybred is a swordtail. When breeding these hybreds you will get a few that look like platies. The hybred bluegill you buy to stock ponds are semi sterile. Out of 50 about 10 will be fertile and the rest sterile. Of the offspring many of them will be sterile. This helps keep the bluegill under control until the predator fish like bass and catfish get large enough to keep them under control.

Back to the guppy hybreds, I did get one molly/guppy hybred that was partly fertile. She miscarried alot of fry but from time to time she gave live birth. She must have breed back to a guppy as the offspring looked more guppy like as she was the only hybred in the tank with guppies and mollies. These offspring that lived were all fertile and their offspring was even more guppy. I think this happens in nature some and maybe a part of keeping fish from inbreeding to much in a small area. The hybreds that are fertile spread new genetic material in one direction or the other.

I caught a fish that no one could identify about 15 years ago. We think it was a large mouth bass and black perch hybred. It weighed just over 3 lbs. It looked like a darker colored bass with the bright red eyes like black perch have. We even showed it to a fish and game officer who could not identify it, but not all of them know much LOL.

John Cox wrote:
im curious about others encounters w/ hybrids.
also what keeps hybrids from reproducing and somewhat creating other
species? are they sterile? couldnt a pair of same hybrids reproduce and then you
have a plethora of baby hybrids. how does that work and what keeps say sunfish
from honogenizing. ive been in streams where i can count 6 or 7 distinct
sunfish species.

i miss that cute little logperch. i think he had a touch of hybrid in him.
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