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Thu, 23 Mar 2006 14:18:33 -0600

While common enough in most systems, and useful for other species I've worked with, gambusia don't occur in the system these larvae inhabit. The main sources of food identified thus far are just the Chironomids, Amphipods, and Isopods. Fish have been tried and just did not work well- they don't seem well adapted to capture fast moving prey like fish. Amphipods they can catch but that probably has more to do with the habits of the amphis than the skills of the hunter. After trying quite a few different options with wild ones we know that the three foods mentioned above work very well, are easily captured, and readily consumed. Two of the three I am culturing but would like to include the third both for variety and security in case of a culture issue-in-some point with one of the other species. That's why I'm hoping someone out there cultures isopods and would not mind sharing their secrets.

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> how about gambusia then?
> -derek parr
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