Re: NANFA-L-- Endangered Species Act

Jerry Baker (nanfa at
Wed, 21 Sep 2005 15:02:33 -0700

Moontanman at wrote:
> Hey guys guess how many species have actually been saved or for that matter
> even helped by ESA...... None at all, as a matter of fact some people smarter
> than me (yeah I thought that was unlikely too) say it often hurts by giving
> people an incentive to kill any endangered species they might find on their land
> so they can do what ever it is they want with the land. I know here in SENC
> I've seen many hundreds of acres made into housing developments and golf courses
> by bulldozing any area that had protected plants growing there. I was very
> familiar with one site, wonderful place of swamps, soft ground, dan small ponds.
> there were everything from pond pines to venus fly traps, sundews, and
> pitcher plants. All gone now, the land was drained and has to be consistently
> drained by under ground pumps to keep it from going back to marsh again. Either ESA
> has no teeth at all or it very easy to get around if you grease the right
> palms.

The ESA isn't the problem. The problem is a Republican Congress that
defunds just about all enforcement of it. They starve it of funding for
a decade and then say, "gee, it doesn't work. Why do we still have it?"

If they started hanging the drivers of those bulldozers, there wouldn't
be much more of that going on.
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