Re: NANFA-L-- Endangered Species Act

Moontanman at
Wed, 21 Sep 2005 18:36:32 EDT

ESA did not help either one of these species, banning of DDT is what allowed
them to make a come back. ESA in its current form only hurts individuals, big
companies can get around it many different ways. One of my Favs is creating
new habitat someplace else to make up for destroying habitat in another place.
Obviously we need to protect habitats and endangered species but ESA is not
doing the job at all. BTW Alligators weren't saved by ESA they were well the way
to recovery when ESA was signed into law. But individuals are harmed due to
ESA protecting animals that are rare in an area but quite common in other areas,
even nearby area's. One woman who was handicapped was denied a building
permit because of a bird that is rare on her land (where many other people have
already built houses) She is essentially homeless while the bird in question has
never even been seen on her property and is quite common in areas just a few
dozen miles away. On the other hand a Walmart can dig up a huge area to build
yet another super center if it creates habitat to replace what they are digging
up (impossible) I think the ESA should be completely over hauled and made
more realistic in it's methods and goals. Yes, it might have helped a few
isolated species in places that were already under scrutiny I think it needs to
completely revamped, made realistic in it's goals and scope and quit letting ESA be
Industry's bitch. BTW the spotted owl that every one was fighting about in
recent years as an excuse to not cut old growth forests (which I agree with to a
great extent) has been found to thrive in second and third growth forests.
Which means that ESA not only didn't do their research and were completely wrong
about the spotted owl, they made ESA look like a joke. If you get the chance
HBO has a series called "Bullshit" by Penn and Teller, They bring down all the
sacred cows everyone believes without question. One of my favorites was when
they went to a green peace meeting and got hundreds of signatures on a
petition to ban Di Hydrogen Monoxide, even the green peace people signed the
petition. They told no lies about the chemical and gave the people who signed the
petition a complete rundown on what di hydrogen monoxide does to people and the
environment. I thought I was going to fall off my chair as the people signed the
petition, believing they were saving the world by banning di hydrogen

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