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> The term "live" refers to keeping a microfauna of critters alive and
> growing in the substrate. Usually, in our aquariums, we tend to keep our
> gravel vacuumed and clean. This method is a more natural method that
> enables the tiny organisms to grow and reproduce also. It came from the
> coral reef buzz that has flourished so well recently. I think to house a
> hog sucker, and allowing for growth, you would need a large suface area of
> "live" substrate for it to graze off of. Another idea would be to use a
> refugium (an inaccessible section of substrate where the microfauna can
> grow, reproduce, and spread without being disturbed).

i much agree with these comments on keeping hogsuckers alive. in addition to
the live sand concept one would also likley suppliment feedings with fine
sinking foods, frozen bloodworms and such released at the outfloor of the
power head.
an observation i see while snorkling is that small hogsuckers are always busy
grazing. even when im chasing one about it is constantly feeding. large ones
are almost always just resting below runs. rarely do i see a large one
eating. this makes me wonder how they got so big! perhaps they eat at night?
this is one of the first fish i enjoyed observing. it is really neat how far
the mouth will extend will feeding. it reminded me of an elephant on my first
extended closeup observations.
i do have a hogsucker in the cement pond which is increasing in size. we had
caught him back during the seinerama... may or june of this year. sometimes
he is resting, other times he is busy grazing on the algae and micro critters
living in the old shag carpet that covers the pool bottom. log perch and
blackbanded darters do the same nosing about it. the logperch flips over
leaves and debris. all are increasing in size. the oddity tho is the black
bandeds are losing their distinct markings and developing a more blurry
i wish someone well on these excellent suggestions posted on extending the
life of a captive hogsucker. a really unique fish. i seem them from the
smallest mountain streams to the bigger rivers such as the conasauga, tellico
or emory.
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