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> I may be unique but I have not filtered my ponds for 60 years,

You are not unique, I do the same thing with both ponds and aquariums, but
you have been at it A LOT LONGER THAN ME ;-) I find that growing cypress trees
and water tupelos really soak up the nutrients but the water has a tendency to
turn into black water when the cypress trees start getting really large root
systems. Before I got soft hearted and rescued a really great blood hound
walker hound mix from the pound I had several really nice cypress trees that I had
trained to grow without pots. the had large mats of roots that kept them
stabilized. The dog destroyed all my ponds the first year I had him, yes he
survived and is now one of the best dogs I've ever had. But he did chew up some
really nicely shaped cypress tress and water tupelo. I have some swamp apple trees
growing now and lots of cypress and water tupelo seeds (hopefully) germinating
as we speak.

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